Meditating as UniverseI arrange my cushion, the charcoal and incense, and hold my hands in the way I like. I sit and watch my thoughts.

As my thoughts are not fed so much attention, they settle. A few, quieter, thoughts arise; I observe.

I sit for a while longer. I am still and quiet, internally and externally. I breathe. My spine is the axis mundi; I am rooted in the ground, I am reaching through the sky – I am the centre.

I see the path to my left and the path to my right; I am the middle way.

I open myself to Universe and affirm the encompassing Tao – from top to bottom, I open.

I recognise the powers of Universe and my own expression of them, one by one.

Reading from my chosen texts, my mind wanders and wonders, and I begin my day afresh.

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