HillsMeditation may simply be about sitting still. There are many techniques to calm the mind and body, yet the basics are to be still and perhaps be aware of your breath.

Walking can become a meditation. Being aware of your movement and physique, your breathing and your surrounds, can be a wonderful way to ground and centre yourself and still the mind.

While walking, there’s the opportunity for discovery. Seredipity does not often come knocking on one’s door, it is best found by going out.

I have a dog, so my days are broken up by walking. My dog provides a ‘cover’ for me, allowing me to go places with confidence, and speak to strangers. I get to greet other dogs and their human companions. It is intrinisically rewarding and beneficial for my spirit, mind, energies, and body.

The mental rest allows my subconscious to actually solve problems and come up with new ideas even when my conscious mind has been exhausted and distressed. By not thinking, I am able to think all the clearer.

If you walk somewhere regularly, alter your route. See new things, think new thoughts.

If you don’t walk every day, consider increasing the number of personal excursions you take each week. Try walking with a friend (it aids the flow of conversation, much as caf├ęs do), but endeavour to walk alone frequently. Walk the streets, the town centre, the parks, and the fields. Every place is sacred if you make it so.

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