The tides roll in and roll out. The waves roil. The oak grows mighty from sapling.

The ebb and flow of life is everywhere; the interplay of ying-yang; the dance of Tao – the cycle is evident, and while flexible and ever fresh, it is constant. Change is constant. Growth is change.

You cannot point to the place and time an empire rose. You cannot point to the place and time an empire fell. The reasons are manifold; the cycle is ever the same.

Growth goes so far, and then enters decline. It was ever so, it will ever be.

Your grandmother, much as she is herself, is not all she was.

That company that’s always in the news, much as it grows and provides much, will not be ever the same in a decade.

You are an arc; you fly from your parents and accelerate under your own powers, but while you see much from your zenith, keep an eye on your trajectory, which will slow and fall.

You are many arcs, many circles, many orbits; as one peaks, play with and consider your other paths. Know always that the rise before the zenith is most exhilerating, and if you can surf this crest for time, then all the better for you. But you cannot avoid the cycle.

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