TreesThe revelation of a new idea. Good advice from a friend. A fresh plan. Use of a new service.

Each day brings so many choices, and so many good ideas and opportunities. If we open our eyes and hearts, we could follow a thousand paths and happily make no progress.

I read the Tao Te Ching, I listen to 365 Tao, I write for Tao Daily, I scan the headlines at Lifehack, Lifehacker, Tiny Buddha, and Harvard Business Review. So many ideas, so much inspiration. It’s not possible for me to implement everything I might learn.

It’s about focus. Contemplation can be a form of meditation.

If you spot a good idea, if struck by inspiration, take time to contemplate what it might mean. Write notes. Sit and focus on what this idea might change for you, on what action you might take.

Set a reminder to review the idea in a week or so. Make time to sit and contemplate again.

With ten thousand possibilities and countless distractions, it’s helpful to deliberate over the ideas that strike you.

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