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My grandmother taught me a lot, but she used the word ‘patient’ explicitly to train my behaviour. Since the time of waiting for cakes to bake in my grandma’s kitchen, and waiting for paint to dry in my granddad’s yard,

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To be humble is not to put yourself down, it is to respect every position. In humility, we respect the man on the street begging for change. In humility, we respect the young person who ignores our experience and sets

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Say too much, do too much, and it is spoiled. The right action at the right time is no action at all. Economy, frugality, simplicity. As one of the three treasures, Lau Tzu said that by being economic we can

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Gentleness; compassion; love. However you concieve it, or which ever translation you prefer, the three treasures that Lao Tzu holds dear are intrinsic to our development of te, our expression of Tao. Verse 67 of the Tao Te Ching says

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room at the bottom

There isn’t room for you at the top. Not only because those at the top are fearful and therefore defensive (with the means to defend themselves), but also because there really isn’t that much room up there. No space, no

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