Month: July 2013

late to the party

Have you ever felt excluded by other people’s enthusiasm? If they all love it, then let them have it, you might think. I don’t know its value and I don’t want to, you might conclude. I adore being an evangelist

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Thunder clouds

Drawing in of breath; the act of inhalation. Inspiration; from the French, inspiracion, from the Latin, inspirationem. Latin links the word to the spirit, the shen, and we all know that inspiration is to be struck by a thought. People

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Keyboard and mouse

I am grieving for the loss of who I am, of who I was. This is painful enough, but I’m also grieving for what I’m about to lose, for what I will lose in the coming weeks. This anticipation of

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Are you here? Are you really here, or are our thoughts somewhere else? Is part of your shen still lingering at yesterday’s meeting or this morning’s breakfast table? When you enter a new space, turn to a new project, or

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the bright Way looks dim

Tao is all things, so any analogy falls short. Who can comprehend the incomprehensible? Insight strikes some and their eyes open in wonder; insight strikes others and they laugh and walk on. When exercising te and flowing with Tao, life

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