Shodou (caligraphy)What could you possibly want from me?

I write for you; please share your thoughts, observations and counterpoints against each published article – for the benefit of all.

I mean to develop my te and our relationship, but I’m unsure if we’re ready to swap email addresses.

I’ve no social media presence, I’m not on Twitter.

If you’d like to make use of my work, please check the copyright stipulations and knock yourself out. If you’d like to use my writings in a commercial setting, or, more interestingly, if you’d like to engage my services in your own project, please mail me on taoboy @ tao . xaos . me . uk

If your mail bounces back to you, accept this small return as the way things are. You misspelled my address.

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    • Hello SW,

      as you might have expected, I don’t have a recommendation. Different versions / translations of the Tao Te Ching bring different qualities to the reader.

      I might observe that there are times when one seeks the ‘pure’ meaning of the text, and so a near literal translation seems attractive. It can be studious and enlightening to have to work to ascribe meaning to the literal text, but it is also troublesome to consider it ‘pure’ for there is no such thing when it comes to interpretation.

      Also, it’s impossible to recommend translations that I have not heard of or read, so any statement I might make would be lacking.

      I recommend that we should read many different versions of the Tao Te Ching (and the Chuang Tzu, if you find them) and be content to fall in love with one or two for a time. It’s OK to fall out of love with a version too.

      I’m so helpful, aren’t I?

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