room at the bottom

room at the bottom

Mountain hotelThere isn’t room for you at the top.

Not only because those at the top are fearful and therefore defensive (with the means to defend themselves), but also because there really isn’t that much room up there. No space, no foothold.

This in no way restricts your actions or ambitions. If you want to be an actor, act. If you want to be a writer, write. If you want to be in business, work your way up or launch your own.

By way of your passion, and the excellence you develop, you may even find you reach the top of your niche. It may not be as high as other industries, you may not have as many admirers, but there you are, alone at the top.

How might that feel? Bracing? Disconnected?

There’s more room at the bottom. Lots of people insist on starting in the middle through some feeling of entitlement. Many strive to ignore their current situation and leap from the bottom as soon as they catch a break.

There’s room at the bottom for whatever you do, and whoever you are. There are others (of varying contentedness) to keep you company and teach you, and they may just support you when the time comes to stretch up a little.

But remember that you can’t leave the bottom and have it disappear – were it to do so, you would be at the bottom again!

You cannot rise from the mud and be spotlessly clean. You cannot build a tower without a ground floor.

The bottom is where the strength is; it is your foundation. It is the base of the mountain and the roots of the tree.

Image credit: Justin Kern

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