Ba GuaThis is where I tell you that ‘this is a journey‘ and you’re welcome to walk with me for a time.

This is true enough but, depending on how far you’ve walked along your path already, you may want to know what the point is, and what benefits you might gain from involving yourself.

I refer only to this blogsite – you’re already involved with Tao, whatever your choice.

There are some inspirational books, websites / blogsites / blogs our there, and I enjoy many of the Zen and Buddhist articles, but I had difficulty finding any strongly Tao related blogsites (that were up to date and engaging). So, after a time stewing, I created this site.

Everyone should do their own research, reading the classics, referring to the Tao Te Ching often, and grazing Wikipedia for Tao delights. But for those of you who want a little more life in your reading, I offer my writings.

My intentions are to:

  • focuss on the three jewels of compassion, simplicity, and humility, respecting my body, energy, and spirit;
  • address contemporary, Western, concerns and challenges (what we used to call ‘problems’);
  • be completely honest about my progress and pitfalls;
  • write very short ideas that relate to Tao philosophy;
  • develop a relationship with you, gentle reader;
  • respect your choices and journey;
  • make my work available to many;
  • publish articles regularly.

about taoboy

I’m just zis guy, y’know? I’ve been up, I’ve been down; I’ve enjoyed a few zeniths and fallen into deep, dark nadirs. I haven’t always sought simplicty, nor have I always been humble. I could tell you stories of my Cocaine Nights (a lovely novel by J. G. Ballard) and I may do so if you stick around.

My life is simple enough, but I’m no aesthetic or minimalist in any sense. My basic life is punctuated by shenanigans of every kind, and although I’m a vegetarian and committed to several life-paths, I deny myself little.

I behave like an extrovert, but I’m often overwhelmed by stimuli and so retreat to quietude frequently.

I have worn suits for many years, and I wear long-sleeved tops througout the year. I sometimes find myself fortunate and asked to bring bright, clear solutions to dull, boring problems. I have found that my flaws have made me stand out from (and above) other capable people, and I’m grateful I’ve not had to apologise too often for my shortcomings.

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