Man stood in light glareA little pause goes a long way, or rather, it holds you back from going too far.

Before you speak, pause; before you act, pause; before you judge, pause.

Some may tell you to ‘think before you speak’, but what should you think about? There are too many possibilities to contemplate!

So pause. You may not know exactly what thought to follow or what action to take, but that’s OK; no one expects you to have all the answers. We should not ask for certainty in this world.

If you’re taking part in sport, or driving, or labouring, you may not have time to pause before acting and reacting, but hopefully you’re in your ‘flow’ and so you’ll act accordingly – wu wei.

A pause will save you from misspeaking, and that can be invaluable. A pause can help you listen, and that is priceless.

Image credit: Derek Swanson

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