Every wave has a peak and trough; they go-with each other, for in truth they are not separate.

The cycle of life brings that which is up, down, and that which is down, up. If you are flowing, you will rise and fall many times, in many areas. If you learn to surf the crest of a wave afore it breaks, you may travel further than the wave, but no wave lasts forever. Waves crash; orbits decline; hills take you up and down.

While the young Himalayas seem sharp and high, they too will become round and low, as the old Baberton mountains in Africa.

There may be a time when you’re going through hell, and you must keep going (as Winston Churchill said, and The Streets sang).

If you hit rock bottom, you’ve reached the base of your orbit, your cycle, and rock bottom is an excellent foundation from which to build. The cycle that brough you low can raise you high.

Beware though; what you feel is rock bottom may not be; when you cry out that ‘things can’t get worse‘ they just may. Do not create pain for yourself with assumptions – do not create expectations. Flow with Tao, take action at the right time, express your te.

Image credot: Rainer Brockerhoff


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