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The revelation of a new idea. Good advice from a friend. A fresh plan. Use of a new service. Each day brings so many choices, and so many good ideas and opportunities. If we open our eyes and hearts, we

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A little pause goes a long way, or rather, it holds you back from going too far. Before you speak, pause; before you act, pause; before you judge, pause. Some may tell you to ‘think before you speak’, but what

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Meditation may simply be about sitting still. There are many techniques to calm the mind and body, yet the basics are to be still and perhaps be aware of your breath. Walking can become a meditation. Being aware of your

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Do you need to kill that spider? Do you need to kill those ants? Do you need to pluck that flower? Can that weed not have a chance? A bee enters through the window, and someone reaches for a newspaper

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‘you should’

When talking to yourself, it’s easy to go down the ‘should’ route. “I should call my brother.” “I should tidy the room.” “I should go for a run.” You probably realise how negative this is, how it takes the joy

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