“If it wasn’t for disappointment,
I wouldn’t have any appointments”

Snowball in hell, They Might Be Giants

Deflated balloonWithout discounting the value of hope, I suggest that disappointment springs from expectation. Our expectations set a prediction, and while it is wise to consider future ramifications, it is foolish to build upon foundations not yet firm.

But the feelings that come with disappointment can feel very real and may drag us down, sapping the very energy we need to deal with the actual situation.

When pained by such feelings, it’s helpful to recognise the root cause of the disappointment, and the cause of the situation – and then take action. A plan, a decision, a step in the right direction.

Wallow for a few minutes in sadness if necessary, but then change the state of your body and the state of you mind. Make a list, make a decison, accept the ‘feedback (which is all anything ever is) and adapt.

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