ChessAre you here? Are you really here, or are our thoughts somewhere else? Is part of your shen still lingering at yesterday’s meeting or this morning’s breakfast table?

When you enter a new space, turn to a new project, or pick up a task again, fully commit your attention. Bring your jing, chi, and shen to bear on the situation in front of you, in the here and now.

If this seems too easy, or too hard, try making a small ritual of arriving for a week or so. Close your eyes for two seconds, take and release a breath, and open your eyes afresh. Properly see where you are, and consider the context. Bring your thoughts from neutral to focus on the task in hand.

The people you’re talking with and working with deserve the full experience of you, not only a fractured part of you. The day’s tasks will be better accomplished with your full attention. You will enjoy or endure every minute all the more if you dedicate yourself to your flow, your te, and Tao.

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