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‘you should’

When talking to yourself, it’s easy to go down the ‘should’ route. “I should call my brother.” “I should tidy the room.” “I should go for a run.” You probably realise how negative this is, how it takes the joy

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Every wave has a peak and trough; they go-with each other, for in truth they are not separate. The cycle of life brings that which is up, down, and that which is down, up. If you are flowing, you will

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The tides roll in and roll out. The waves roil. The oak grows mighty from sapling. The ebb and flow of life is everywhere; the interplay of ying-yang; the dance of Tao – the cycle is evident, and while flexible

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late to the party

Have you ever felt excluded by other people’s enthusiasm? If they all love it, then let them have it, you might think. I don’t know its value and I don’t want to, you might conclude. I adore being an evangelist

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Thunder clouds

Drawing in of breath; the act of inhalation. Inspiration; from the French, inspiracion, from the Latin, inspirationem. Latin links the word to the spirit, the shen, and we all know that inspiration is to be struck by a thought. People

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