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A little pause goes a long way, or rather, it holds you back from going too far. Before you speak, pause; before you act, pause; before you judge, pause. Some may tell you to ‘think before you speak’, but what

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“If it wasn’t for disappointment, I wouldn’t have any appointments” Snowball in hell, They Might Be Giants Without discounting the value of hope, I suggest that disappointment springs from expectation. Our expectations set a prediction, and while it is wise

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I like to plan. A few points in a list, a few ideas, a few risks, and I’m all set to create something, start something. Sometimes it’s best to just get on with things – take ‘massive immediate action‘ and

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When I want something, I ask myself ‘why’. I seek the most honest, basic answer. Once I’ve reached the base of my desire I can batter make a decsion, and act. Sometimes, I want something for superficial reasons (shoes to

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Do you need to kill that spider? Do you need to kill those ants? Do you need to pluck that flower? Can that weed not have a chance? A bee enters through the window, and someone reaches for a newspaper

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