whatever you need, you need

whatever you need, you need

A cool glass of waterIt’s wise to know the difference between one’s needs and wants.

How should one discern the difference?

I don’t need another pair of shoes – until this pair wear out, become shabby and unfit for purpose. Then I will need a new pair – but is it really a need, or a want? Could I not convince polite society that my trainers (sneakers, plimsoles, whatever) are acceptable?

Do I need to meet an (arbitrary) deadline with my project work, or do I just want to, to demonstrate that I’m (arbitrarily) on top of things?

If I’m tired or drained, do I still need to meet that deadline?

You need what you need.

If I need seven hours of sleep and you need eight, then why did we agree to meet for breakfast at 7am?

If you want to watch a film every night with dinner, why would anyone criticise your choice? Someone else might choose to read, or crochet, or bake – but we all need to relax.

There are more ‘needs’ in this life than food and shelter. Nurture your te and walk Tao without judging yourself harshly.

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  1. Just to say I’m loving this blog. Each day this week it has inspired me to take a few minutes of quiet time, to just breathe and reflect on the words. Thank you.

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