Sign on tree - More difficult - less difficultThere is pleasure in choice, up to a point. When faced with too much choice, we turn to general rules to narrow our options before making a decision.

Attempting to assess each and every choice is stressful, and considering the infinite ramifications, impossible.

Sometimes we’re faced with a stark decision, with only two or three (perceived) possible options.

Some ultimatums appear black and white – make your choice now, this or that. This dualistic thinking is unreal and unhelpful. Even ying and yang are not so binary, for they are complementary and harmonious – not opposite forces.

Indecision causes stress. The remedy is to decide, and to act.

Time for reflection is needed. Desire should be balanced against possible consequences.

When it feels impossible to make a decision, consider your desires, your needs, and what seems in harmony with your Tao, your path. You are allowed to choose that which you do not desire; you are free to decide what is best (at this time) for you and yours; safe in the knowledge that there are no mistakes, there are only paths.

Everything will be as it will be, how else could it be?

If the stress is intolerable, choose to flow with your desire – you will deal with the consequences, so that gives you the right to make the choice.

Sit, reflect, breathe; then decide and act. Nothing is absolute but Tao.

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