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HandI value sharing thoughts, and I appreciate your attention and the feedback you may, at times, feel like offering.

Launching this website (whatever it’s called) was a leap I took after years of light thought, but very little preparation.

I’m quite aware that I’m a ‘starter’, and not a great ‘finisher’ – my attention is often corralled by the novel. Yet I intend to write regularly, and reach more people with ideas that wheel and whirl around the concept of Tao, and the beautiful conceptions from Lau Tzu and Chuang Tzu. You can read my list of objectives within the ‘about‘ page.

So, really, I need your help.

It’s such early days, and this blogsite is only a seed – growth is necessary if it is to survive the vicissitudes of the web and my life.

Please can I ask you to encourage me, and to help grow the readership?

If the number of subscribers grows I’ll know I’m working aright to satisfy a yearning that we share. I’m no master, and I often meander from the Way, but perhaps my thoughts and stories can offer something of value to those of you who appreciate a gentle nudge, a hand up, or evidence that the darkness is not so dark when your eyes adjust.

I may write too frequently for some people’s tastes, and my topics may wander in subject matter and quality; but everyone is free to delete the emails that subscribers receive, and everyone is free to skip over my feed in their RSS reader.

Please share my work with individuals you feel might appreciate it.

Thank you,


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