Mountain pathsIt does little good to categorise your friendships, even if Facebook encourages you to do so, just to avoid the chatter of long-lost school mates.

Still, every relationship is different, and you know from who you can ask a favour, and who will send you thoughts when you’re feeling a bit lost.

There are deep friendships, and light relationships. There are people who walk into your life, and keep on walking. There are colleagues from work who become friends, and colleagues who become friendly acquaintances.

Relationships are a process, not a product, between two people, so while you might wish for a different kind of relationship, much of the quality is up to how you relate to the other person.

But not every friendship can be a deep and meaningful relationship that nourishes every part of you. Different relationships offer different qualities, and a ‘deep’ friendship may seem the most valuable, but light relationships are as great a gift as any. Judging different things as being better or worse moves you away from Tao; differences are to be treasured.

Each individual walks their Tao, and their path may weave and cross many paths. If you’re enjoying walking with a friend, what tragedy is it if your paths diverge for a time? No tragedy at all, for nothing is permanent.

Image credit: Kyle Pearce

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