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The tides roll in and roll out. The waves roil. The oak grows mighty from sapling. The ebb and flow of life is everywhere; the interplay of ying-yang; the dance of Tao – the cycle is evident, and while flexible

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How did you go to sleep last night, and how will you go to sleep tonight? I don’t mean to ask ‘how you slept‘, as you might be asked in the morning; I mean you to think about how you

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In every dealing with another, there is a relationship of some kind. Everyone values trust within a relationship, be it personal or professional. Many might talk around the subject of ‘trust’ as the foundation of relationships; it lays out expectations

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don’t convince yourself

When developing your te or making personal changes, you may experience a thought-trap that you shouldn’t have any negative thoughts or feelings. This can lead to self-criticism and an insincere rejection and repression of the difficult thoughts. Personal change takes

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the new

Oh the shiny things! How they capture my attention. A new foamed milk coffee? Why yes, I must try. A new book which is brighter and crisper than last week’s new book? Lovely. I’m always so pleased to visit a

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