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Every wave has a peak and trough; they go-with each other, for in truth they are not separate. The cycle of life brings that which is up, down, and that which is down, up. If you are flowing, you will

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The tides roll in and roll out. The waves roil. The oak grows mighty from sapling. The ebb and flow of life is everywhere; the interplay of ying-yang; the dance of Tao – the cycle is evident, and while flexible

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the bright Way looks dim

Tao is all things, so any analogy falls short. Who can comprehend the incomprehensible? Insight strikes some and their eyes open in wonder; insight strikes others and they laugh and walk on. When exercising te and flowing with Tao, life

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small cracks

Nature moves inexoribly; it has eternity to overcome the hard with it’s soft ways. Abrasive wind; washing water; creeping roots. If we want to create great things, we must start with the small things. To care for something means to

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They say to be forewarned is to be forearmed, but what weapons can be brought to bear against despair? When one lives atop the mountain and has the time to look out, there are few surprises; beyond defensive measures, what

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